Dawn's Serene Escape LLC

Relax, Restore, Renew...That's Better.

Specialty Masaage

Thai Yoga Massage:  combines assistive yoga with Thai massage technique, which incorporates the practitioner's hands. forearms, knees, and feet providing an excellent stretch along with the benefits of massage.  Please wear comfortable clothes to your session!
1 hr.  $60

Bonita Howes' Facassage:  is a face toning massage and myofascial release for the face, scalp, neck, and shoulders incorporating hot and cold therapies.  It can be great for headaches, TMJ issues or if you just feel that your face needs a pick-me-up!

1 hr, $50

Hot Stone Massage:  provides ultimate relaxation!  The heat penetrates tight, sore muscles whlle stones provide pressure of deep tissue massage.  Truly beneficial bliss!

1 1/2 hr; $75